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Naa Ishtam’ – An autobiography by Ram Gopal Verma. ”నీ కోసం నువ్వు బతుకు… ఎవర్నీ నీకోసం బతకమని అడక్కు” – అయాన్‌ ర్యాండ్‌ ”ఒంటెలాంటోడు మనిషి. తనకు తానే మోకరిల్లి తన భుజాల మీద అనవసరమైన బరువులు ఎక్కించుకుని ఆ తరువాత బతుకు భారమైపోయిందని ఏడుస్తాడు” – ఫ్రెడ్రిక్‌ నీషే ”నీ కళ్ళతో నువ్వు చూస్తున్నావు కాబట్టే ప్రపంచం అనేది ఒకటుందని నీకు తెలుస్తుంది… నువ్వు కళ్ళు మూసుకుంటే దానికి మనుగడ లేదు… అలా ప్రపంచం అన్నది నీ ఊహే కనుక నీ ఊహే ప్రపంచమని తెలుసుకో” – ఆర్థర్‌ షోపెన్‌ హావర్‌ గెలవాలనే ప్రయత్నాన్ని ఆపేయడమే అత్యంత మహా వైఫల్యం. – సత్యేంద్ర

Vodka With Varma

Vodka With Varma is a snapshot about acclaimed director Ramgopal Varma, by noted lyricist and film critic Sirasri.

Sirasri’s regard for the director grew from his boyhood fascination for Varma’s movie poster. The author went on to reach great heights in the music scene, up to a point where he shared a drink with the acclaimed director himself. Vodka With Varma provides a behind-the-scene look at Varma. The director has been called many names in the past, such as cine terrorist, extremist and even psycho. Sirasri’s book attempts to unveil the truth behind these “names”. According to Sirasri, the director has three shades within him: Media Varma, Real Varma and Reel Varma. While writing this book, Sri attempts to decipher what Varma is like by what the director does not reveal in his interviews. For instance, much of the book looks at what thoughts others have of Varma. The author also examines questions such as why Varma preferred to be addressed as Ramu and not Sir and how Varma is able to control the media like a ringmaster at the circus. Other questions explored by the author are did Varma compliment or admonish Bachchan’s career, which Varma’s movie mesmerised Indians the most, what do the author and Varma share in common, what do his daughter and ex-wife think of him and why did the director’s uncle feel that Varma no longer had the talents. Answers to these questions and more are described by the author in his book Vodka With Varma.

Apart from answering questions, Sri also shares opinions about Varma’s film fraternity. Readers will also find rare photographs of the director. This book is neither a biography nor a story about Varma’s life. It is an attempt to understand Bollywood’s biggest enigma, director Ramgopal Varma. This book was published by Emesco Books in 2012 and is available in paperback format.

Key Features:

This book demystifies the rumours and stories about Bollywood’s most-enigmatic and controversial director, Ramgopal Varma.

Guns & Thighs

In these delightfully candid musings about his life and his cinema, RGV reveals the man behind pioneering Telugu and Hindi films such as Shiva, Rangeela, Satya, Sarkar, Bhoot and Company. Discussing a wide range of subjects, from the influences and circumstances that drew him to films to his cinematic techniques, his successful and unsuccessful films, his Bollywood idols, his relations with the media and the controversies dogging him, Guns & Thighs is as much about RGV’s life and philosophy of life as about his films and the Indian film world. Characteristically, he pulls no punches, whether he’s talking about movies, women or the media. Even when it comes to his own films, he embraces his failures as much his successes and dissects them with rare honesty and humility.

Refreshingly contrarian and politically incorrect, this book discloses a perspective as colourful and larger than life as Indian films. It is not for RGV fans alone but for all those passionate about cinema and the people associated with it.